How to Spot the Parking Space with the Cheapest Rates Nearest to Your Airport

Some parking businesses operate today because of the steady profit from air travellers who own vehicles. Finding a conveniently near and budget friendly service among all of them is easy by remembering a few tips.

Check the Map

Get an aerial view of establishments closest to your airport using a map from the internet. You should then see parking services strategically located nearby.

Collect Useful Information

Write at least three parking space establishment starting with the one nearest to the airport. Contact numbers, addresses and directions are some details you wouldn’t want to leave out.

Visit their Website

Get into the website starting with the closest service to you and run a check on:
1. Parking space availability
2. Type of space for your car (Covered, Open Outdoor Self Parking)
3. Possibility of making a reservation or online booking
4. Cost of valet services
5. Cost of shuttle services (Usually comes in free to and from the airport)
6. Discounted Rates
7. Directions from your current location
8. Operating Hours
9. Total estimated cost

Read Reviews about the Business

Though rarely available and doubtfully factual, reviews can still make a useful basis when deciding where to put your money. Try to search for at least 2 or 3 personal experiences of former customers to help a decision.

Check Your Network

It’s likely that someone on your friend list has used 1 or 2 parking services nearest to the same airport as yours. Try to reach out to them and get their feedback on the experience. Asking around is also perfect for someone who doesn’t believe in the power of the internet.

Repeat the steps above with every parking service you encounter and compare each from the other. Lastly, writing a list of pros and cons will also benefit your search.