Our Fleet

Aviation Indiana owns one of the youngest fleets of the Avibus that can accommodate your domestic flight needs.

Seating 4 to 50 passengers, your trips can be tailored fit to your specifications and maximum comfort.

Meet the members of our fleet:

1. Avibus 0206

Typical seating for 8 persons.
Range: 7,800 km
Overall Length: 31.44 m
Height: 12.56 m
Though this aviation bus is usually a smaller aircraft, we provide you with a wider personal space with available storage in its overhead bins to accommodate up to 2 roller bags.

2. Avibus 0226

Typical seating for 8 persons.
Range: 11, 100 km
Overall Length: 33.84 m
Height: 11.76 m
Avibus 0226 is one of the most requested aircraft due to its roomy and tall cabin. Most clients prefer this plane for family trips and business trips alike.

3. Avibus 1212

Typical seating for 25 persons.
Range: 14,800 km
Overall Length: 58.37 m
Height: 17.73 m
The Avibus 1212 allows a larger passenger seating capacity of 25. Hence, one ride is all it takes to fly your group to a different state.

4. Avibus 1206

Typical seating for 50 persons.
Range: 17, 2500 km
Overall Length: 72.72 m
Height: 24.09 m
To maximize your experience and save you on costs, the Avibus 1206 allows up to 50 passengers on board. No need to leave anyone behind.

Space and Comfort Like Nowhere Else


Seats recline to a maximum of 80-inches to promote leg space and comfort at all times, and to extend it to a full sized bed.

If you would like to see the view outside, panoramic windows are available for your pleasure.

Spacious restrooms with world-class toiletry products guaranteed.

Domestic Flights Made Better


Domestic flights tend to be shorter, but not necessarily less. Aviation provides you with the aircraft that suit your needs and accommodation that can be tailored to your liking.

Whether it is for business or personal pleasures, we’ll fly you safely with the quality of flights you deserve – VIP.