companyCEO May Stenckaz had the vision to promote a service that exhibits the rich history of aviation since the eighties, especially in Indiana.

May had developed a love for airplanes and flights, and dreamt of being a pilot when she was younger. As she grew older, she fell in love deeper with this business, though she ended up becoming an entrepreneur more than a pilot.

Little did she know that her then husband-to-be will fly commercial aeroplanes. When the two got married in the 90s, they found a shared drive to innovate the aviation business within Indiana. Her husband, who was already a certified commercial pilot at the time, gave her the signal when he went home late due to some problem at the airport.

May Stenckaz knew it was time. Her life has been planned carefully for this venture. So, our story began.

We already have an adamant sense of aviation history in our state. All we need, rather, is the future of aviation.

Aviation Indiana commits to be a leader in the industry, providing the best human and commercial aviation resources on the line. We respect Indiana’s need for a better service, and that is what we provide.