Aviation Indiana recognizes the need for innovation in the commercial aviation industry.

Simply let us know your destination and pick which aircraft. We have a great selection of options for private jet and charter flights.

Start saving time and money with Aviation Indiana.

1. Private Jet Flights, to and from any airport in the United States.

This is the joy of flying private; you can enjoy air travel with as much comfort and luxury as you imagine.

If you’re looking for a private jet service to bring you, a special someone, your band, your entourage or your family and friends to another state in minutes, contact us.

Our jet charters are very cozy and conducive for either personal or business air trips. We operate 24/7 and bookings can be scheduled any time of day.

2. Charter Flights, from Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport to any US airport.

The convenience of charter flights – you can fly anywhere beyond regular airlines schedule. Best for short notices and priorities you simply can’t miss.

Our charter pilots can bring you safe towards your destination of choice from Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport.

If you badly need this type of arrangement and convenience, call us. Our concierge will book you the flight.

3. Hangar Space Rental at Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport.

Hangar spaces may be hard to find, especially in Indiana. That’s why we exerted considerable efforts to provide you with a work-class facility for this purpose.

Your aircraft will be taken care of, as if our own. And will be ready as soon as you need it.

Call us so we can schedule a tour of our facilities for you.