Airport Car Parking: What are the Benefits?

Booking a flight ticket is a stressful job that one has to undertake, especially if you are booking during the holiday season or at the last moment. Naturally, how to reach the airport from home or vice versa on the scheduled day is another headache one would love to avoid. When it comes to travelling to and from the airport, one wants to settle down with the most convenient solution. Either they book an uber or look for a suitable parking space in the airport area for their hired cab.

Now, a question may arise, why should I choose an airport parking facility? Especially when I can book a cab from anywhere near the airport. But you cannot overlook the benefits of airport parking. It is a solution one easily forgets in the rush for booking cabs.

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Let us look at the way airport parking can really help you:

· One of the most important benefits of airport parking is that it makes your travel easy. If you are carrying heavy luggage, then the airport’s car parking facility will ease up the process of dropping off and picking it up. Generally, the car parking areas are located close to the terminal gates, so you won’t have to carry the luggage for long.

· Again, when you are returning home after a long and tedious flight, it is a relieving sight when you see your car is already waiting at the parking spot. This makes your travel stress free.

· Often, it so happens that the car which you book after alighting from the flight refuses to take you to the preferred location. This is a problem many people face. But having your own car parked at the parking area means it will carry you wherever you want.

Yes, you have to pay a couple of extra dollars for parking your car, but that is nothing compared to the anxiety you can face if you don’t have your cab ready for the tour.

Keep in mind that to secure an airport parking spot in the peak holiday seasons you will need to book online early to make sure you don’t miss out!

Why You Need to be a Pilot for Charter Flights

Ever dreamt about flying a plane yourself off to vacation paradise? Well, if you’re planning to enrol into aviation school to be a pilot, you might just be turning your entire travelling life around. Here are some encouraging perks a pilot enjoys throughout his professional flying career.

You Get to Sit in the Cockpit

Now that is a privilege. While others could go on and on about an annoying experience as passengers, pilots and the rest of the cabin crew enjoy seats dedicated for them.

All the View for Yourself

Pilots get to enjoy scenic views of the sky and stunning bird’s eye view of the spectacular landscape while seated on their throne.

Hassle-Free Air Travel for Free

It’s tedious buying a plane ticket, picking a place, squeezing through the aisle with everyone else, and spending just to get to your favourite destination. Pilots get scheduled onto their next flight which saves them from the runaround. Some can even bid for different routes to take advantage of layovers that give them a chance to see and explore other cultures.

Handsome Salary

Still stuck in an average paying 8-hour job? You might want to rethink about your career. A typical entry level pilot for smaller flights earn about $100,000 annually. Imagine how much the income of tenured pilots are, and we haven’t even taken promotions into the count.

Great Benefits for You and Your Family

Paid days off and retirement funds are some of the perks airlines offer. Apart from this, families of pilots also enjoy health insurance, travel passes, and huge ticket discounts.

People Just Seem to Look Up to You

Instant role models are what apprentices turn into once they become pilots. They only turn into respectable figures in that well-pressed uniform, and it just sounds so right to be called a pilot for a profession.

Your guide to the top 4 aviation schools you can enrol yourself into

When you were younger, your dad gave you a toy airplane, while your mama or favourite uncle would join you on a plane ride in a fair. Or you fancied how the pilot uniform looks on you when you see them on TV or up close on your last trip to your summer home. All these add up to being a pilot.
So you decided when you grew up, that you’ll take a chance and be a pilot yourself. However, you realize, you don’t know where to go.

That’s where this list comes in – your guide to the top 4 aviation schools you can enrol yourself into.

1. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


“Real education. Above All.”
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University takes pride in being called the “Harvard of the Skies”. This is a non-profit institution, which has partnered with the aviation industry, government and other universities, to provide undergraduate studies and continuing education in Aviation and related courses.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has more than 125 locations in the US alone.

2. John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, University of North Dakota


John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences allows students to earn different undergraduate degrees in aviation and also masters and PhD course.
It boasts of a 120-aircraft fleet. If you’re a resident of the state, your tuition fees are lower than those who are not.

3. Western Michigan University


With more than seventy years since its foundation, Western Michigan University College of Aviation has been around to establish a reputation in the industry.
While WMU is based in Kalamazoo, the aviation department can be found in Battle Creek.

4. Purdue University


Besides the fact that this is where Neil Armstrong graduated, Purdue University is known for training each of its flight students to use a jet. The College of Technology has flight and aviation courses you can choose.
Hopefully, this list helps you to get that flying course you are aiming.

5 Secrets to Search for Charter Flight Broker You Can Rely On

Charter flights can save you the hassles of getting regular flights. If you don’t see yourself spending on a first-class commercial flight and still seated with strangers on a plane, flying chartered may be the best option for you.

Unless you know someone who offers these services directly, you may have to resort to charter broker companies to find you the right aircraft and prices.

That, of course, becomes a new issue altogether.

While prices and comfort are key factors for your flight, you also need to think of your security. If you’re looking for your first charter travel, be careful. This flight may be your first and worst comes to worst, last.

So while planning your trip, remember these five steps in finding a reliable charter flight broker.

1. Airport Preference

Airport preference makes it to number one on my list because let’s face it; you’re renting a private charter for your convenience.

While a company’s offers are tempting, you have to make sure they can cater to your preferred airport. Some companies can only service limited areas.

2. Check Business Practices

It is always best if a company is connected with or supported by reputable affiliations. When flying, safety is your number one issue while comfort and prices come next.

Verify if your broker is recommended. It pays more to have reliable service.

3. Don’t Base it on Price, Do Your Homework

While price is also an issue you need to address, do not just settle with a company because its deals are tempting.

Look around and see the average price usually charged for your desired trip. Stay around that price. Not too high, not too low.

You’ll know honest brokers once they lay their cards on the line. If you know how much you should be charged for, then you know if they’re asking too much.

Should they charge way too less, verify the services you would be getting. Check who will pilot the plane or what aircraft will be used.

Promos are good but not in return for your life.

4. Safety and Customer Service Standards

Knock on wood. If something goes wrong on your flight, what will be the process? If you need to check your schedule or make additional arrangements, who should you call?

Things like these should be considered, too. An honest and reliable broker can give you straightforward answers immediately.

5. Recommendations

Ask around. Seek your friends’ advice or look for recommended services on the net. It is better to have some proven track record before you book any flight.

So there goes my list in finding a charter company you can trust.


How to Spot the Parking Space with the Cheapest Rates Nearest to Your Airport

Some parking businesses operate today because of the steady profit from air travellers who own vehicles. Finding a conveniently near and budget friendly service among all of them is easy by remembering a few tips.

Check the Map

Get an aerial view of establishments closest to your airport using a map from the internet. You should then see parking services strategically located nearby.

Collect Useful Information

Write at least three parking space establishment starting with the one nearest to the airport. Contact numbers, addresses and directions are some details you wouldn’t want to leave out.

Visit their Website

Get into the website starting with the closest service to you and run a check on:
1. Parking space availability
2. Type of space for your car (Covered, Open Outdoor Self Parking)
3. Possibility of making a reservation or online booking
4. Cost of valet services
5. Cost of shuttle services (Usually comes in free to and from the airport)
6. Discounted Rates
7. Directions from your current location
8. Operating Hours
9. Total estimated cost

Read Reviews about the Business

Though rarely available and doubtfully factual, reviews can still make a useful basis when deciding where to put your money. Try to search for at least 2 or 3 personal experiences of former customers to help a decision.

Check Your Network

It’s likely that someone on your friend list has used 1 or 2 parking services nearest to the same airport as yours. Try to reach out to them and get their feedback on the experience. Asking around is also perfect for someone who doesn’t believe in the power of the internet.

Repeat the steps above with every parking service you encounter and compare each from the other. Lastly, writing a list of pros and cons will also benefit your search.

Secrets to Evaluating Costs for Your Hangar Space

People often travel by air tend to purchase their own planes once they afford one. The concern of which aircraft is the most practical to buy amidst concerns like comfort and passenger capacity is already an issue by itself. Having a parking space is another matter, nevertheless.

The concept of hangar comes to place. A hangar or a tiedown space is essential to the maintenance and safekeeping of these aircraft. Unless your house property can accommodate this massive machine, finding a location to park your aircraft can be somehow tedious.

While it is best to have a hangar space of your own, you have to check it gainst your priorities and financial capacity. As big as the aircraft it aims to hold, construction of a hangar property may cost you more than you can imagine unless you never cared about spending.

So if you become ready to acquire your own hangar property, and it is the most viable option, here are steps on how to estimate your costs.

1. Leasing the space at an airport


Airports seldom sell portions of their land area, unless you can give them an irresistible offer.

What most airports do, perhaps to generate more income out of the business, is to lease land space for hangar construction.

Go to a nearby airport, one that fits your travel needs best, and inquire about any availability, details and costs.

2. Construction


After you’ve secured a prime location for your hangar, construction begins.

The aircraft’s tail, the purpose of the hangar as a cold room, HVAC equipment, back shop maintenance needs, lobby and possible office space all come into consideration.

You have to make individual assessments on these, too.

Know what you want. List them down. Then, look for a contractor who can provide you with your preference at the most reasonable cost.

When you finally figure out how much a hangar construction will cost, think again and a few times more. If you think you have what it takes, go for the investment. If not, consider leasing hangar space offered by third-party aviation companies.